The DJI Hardshell Backpack is used to protect your Phantom 3. This case is made specifically for the Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced. It can accommodate 4 Phantom 3 batteries, 1 in the Phantom 3 and 3 in specified compartments, the Phantom 3 remote control, extra set of propellers, and various small accessories. It is durable, lightweight and water resistant backpack that holds your complete system, making it easy to take and go anywhere.

1. Material: Wear-resistance Nylon and Foam insert

2. Excellent waterproof, wear-resistant and fastness cloth can protect the DJI quadcopter in any bad weather

3. Filled with the customized foam for the all series DJI machine and its available accessories.

4. Durable and strong enough foam, keep the DJI RC toy secure.

5. Comfortable design of the shoulder straps make it easy carrying outside.

6. Practical side pockets will be a better choice for the storage of the mobile phone.