On the pilot’s side, keeping the X5HW hovering steadily in the air at a set altitude is very simple — just let go of the throttle stick at 50% and the barometer will work its magic, helping the X5HW keep its altitude within an envelope of about 1 to 2 feet. To make things easier for the pilot, the throttle stick has been configured to be self-centering at 50% which is the level needed to hover the drone. Moving the X5HW up or down is as simple as increasing throttle power or reducing it.

The X5HW also features new motor arm/disarm protocols. To arm the motors, simply push the throttle stick up for about a second. This will cause the motors to start spinning in idle mode. Pushing the throttle up (beyond 50%) will cause the X5HW to rise. To disarm the motors after landing, hold down the throttle stick for 1 or 2 seconds. There is also a way to stop the motors immediately by pushing both stick downwards and towards each other. Be careful not to do this while the X5HW is in the air since it will cause the motors to stop, leading to a crash.