Water Proof

GP TOYS F51 MIDDAX Water Proof

The waterproof processing, in addition to the panels, and the motor also includes a camera, so the F51 Middax is not afraid of falling into the water, but also can take pictures and videos under the water. However, water will affect the transmit of the radio waves. Never put F51 Middax in the deep water, or may lead to the malfunction of the drone.



The vents on the drone body help to flood water quickly, so that it can sink into the water and shooting pictures and videos. However, the chassis design as well as the additional vents drain water off more quickly. Powerful waterproof motors enable the propellers to spin in the water, thus to achieve the goal to rise out of the water from rapidly rising.

Water Proof Water Proof

Easy To FLy

F51 Middax is a mini drone which quite suitable for playing indoors. It is small and light. The total drone size including the blade guards is a little bit bigger than an adult man’s palm. Moreover, its takeoff speed is fast and stable. However, F51 Middax mini drone is not suitable for playing in the strong wind. Due to its small size, is very easy to blow away by the strong wind.

Stability of flying and operation, plus waterproof feature, enable you to show your spectacular flying skills. Have your mini drone keep flipping in the sky, drop under the water, rise out of the water, flipping on the top of the water surface, and fly to the sky. A series of amazing movements can definitely bring to continuous scream and cheer.

Easy To FLy

Bright LED, Like Fireflies In The Dark

Bright LED, Like Fireflies In The Dark

The fance packaging, more like a gift box

The fance packaging, more like a gift box

GPTOYS F51 Features

1. Waterproof & Mini
2. Function:up/down,left/right sideward flight,forward/backward,turn left/right,with gyro/flash lights, 360 Flips
3. The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched. 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, easier to control.
4. Support over 20 middax to compete at the same field
5. Stabilization: Calibration Trim Control
6. 3 speed
7. Flight time up to 8 minutes
8. Luxury gift box
9. One key automatic return

GPTOYS F51 Specs


    Blade Circle:  185.00mm
    Rotor Diameter:  65.00mm
    Rotor Center Distance Diagonal:  120.00mm
    Rotor Hub Distance Vertical:  85.00mm
    Width:  150.00mm
    Overall Height:  45.00mm
    Ground Clearance:  25.00mm
    Overall Flight Weight (With Battery):  54g
    Max Flight Time:  8 Minutes
    Flight System:  Auto-Leveling Six-Axis
    Radio System:  2.4GHz 6-channel Multi-mode
    Main Frame Structure/Material:  Molded Composite
    Gear Ratio:  11:78
    Motor Type:  Brushed, Coreless
    RFchip:  LT8910
    Included Accessories
    – 1 x Quadcopter
    – 1 x LCD Transmitter
    – 1 x USB Cable
    – 1 x 3.7V 400mAh LiPo Battery
    – 1 x Screwdriver
    – 8 x Blade
    – 4 x Protection Frame
    – 1 x English Manual
  • Remote Controller

    Operating Frequency:  2.4GHz
    Max Transmission Distance:  100m
    Battery:  4xAAA Batteries
  • Battery:  Battery Type

    Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
    Battery Voltage:  3.7V
    Battery Capacity:  400mAh
    Battery Discharge Rating:  20C
    Battery Charger Rate:  1000mA (high), 500mA (low)
    Charging Port:  Micro USB