Recently UAV is too fire it, but the positioning in the sports crowd, especially for UAV extreme sports enthusiasts, but it is rare. Movement heartily movement, for example,: Skiing, surfing, skateboarding, parkour, mountain biking, etc., could not make his hands to control unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as some sports fans can only Gopro sport camera strapped to the body or sports equipment, resulting in a very limited shooting angle.

Yesterday, the odd frog CEEWA, the world’s first sports UAV. Odd Frog smart technology, a highly geeks range of children’s science and technology company, ambitious imposed on the movement to break this hobby who were bound, so that motion of the camera fly overhead. Odd Frog CEEWA founder and CEO Bob doctor said flight technology and motion cameras UAV perfect combination, it will completely change the way motion video capture and vision, so that movement of people enjoy the sport fun at the same time, full-motion video easy to shoot.

Let’s look at this latest motion Black & what’s cool stuff?

Automatically follow the technical, hands enjoy sports

Users only need to wear a smart follower module, the odd frog sports UAVs can automatically identify and track the movement, complete all the shooting motion video. Intelligent follow module, compact size 50 * 50 * 19mm, the use of IP67 waterproof, even draw boats, water skiing is not a problem. The user can be worn on the wrist or tied to the movement of the device, in the exercise can completely control the problem without considering the UAV.

Wearable smart watch, a key control UAV

Movement through smart watch, a key takeoff UAV, will the movement of the energy liberated from the remote control obsession. When preparing to land, you only need one key to landing, the plane landed smoothly return point, control Experience is extremely simple.
Previously, you had to hire a professional photographer, but only to master the skills of professionals in the remote control to be able to control the drone, now even ordinary sports enthusiasts can easily use, greatly simplifying the entry threshold.

Seven powerful sports shooting mode, a full range of shooting sports scene

In order to capture the full range of exciting sports scene, the odd frog movement different from the other UAV UAV, powerful seven intelligent motion shooting mode helps sports scene vividly filmed from over 360 degrees Dynamic surround with the film, pointing hover with the film, the default route with the film, intelligent hand in hand with the film, instant shortcut with the film, in the same direction with the film shoot, intelligent sliding aerial different angles of the same speed, the motion video shooting to play to the extreme.

Taking into account a wide range of Gopro rise, many extreme sports enthusiasts have purchased Gopro camera, PTZ support Gopro cameras and camera movement homemade two styles. Homemade camera movement, with the mainstream configuration, the sensor SONY IMX206 HD sensor, It supports up to 4K shooting quality, 16 million pixels, combined with top-of ± 0.02 ° precision PTZ augmentation technology, the picture is always clear and smooth motion capture.

Compact folding, easy to carry out sports

Unlike bulky original UAV, in order to make movement in outdoor activities can be portable, collapsible portable whole body design, compact body, only 1.37 kg, single hand can lift, UAVs can be stuffed into a backpack easy to take away.

Strong power, speed flight

Fuselage design, for high-speed sports scenes full account streamlined shape to reduce the drag coefficient, while accompanied by strong power 6000 mA high-capacity smart battery, a flight speed of up to 72 kilometers per hour, far more than the common limit velocity.

Full range of handling support

In the control, we do the same unique and careful design considerations, in addition to control intelligent watches, offers the industry’s most complete range of control methods, support from the remote control, smart watches, a variety of remote control mode phone APP fully taken into account simple needs of ordinary sports enthusiasts to a depth of demand for experienced players.

Entrepreneurial team

Dream entrepreneurial team behind a team flight geeks, from 2006 began to make core flight technology research, from sophisticated control algorithms to the top-flight precision PTZ augmentation algorithm, it has accumulated nine years of long-term deep experience. Intelligent Technology founder Dr. odd frog and CEO Bob said odd frog UAV is the world’s first official market movement UAV demand characteristics for sports enthusiasts, the odd frog for sports shooting mode, automatically follow, Easy handling, easy portability, flight speed, a lot of targeted depth waterproof design combined with modern science and technology and flight motion video technology, will greatly stimulate the unlimited human creativity, to break the shackles of mankind in space, so Human enjoy art technology to bring the fun of sports, which is why we created this UAV mind.