Both RC car and RC aircraft are perfect to have fun. But which one will you choose? If i were you, I would choose X25 Quadcopter which integrates car and aircraft into one, allowing you enjoy the excitement and joy from running and flying at the same time.

When X25 Quadcopter stands slightly there, it looks more like a car with the wheels. But when the propellers rotate, it flies! Amazing! It is in size of 23.5*17*6.5 cm, only weighing 150g, so it would be flexible to run and agile to fly. Just judge from the size, it seems that X25 is suitable to play indoors. But for more free switch between running mode and flight mode, it would be better and funnier to play outdoors.

To be honest, it is innovative to integrate two toys into one, but i worry it won’t perform as good as an independent car or independent aircraft. Well, that’s just my own thought, whether it is well to play needs to be proven by our personal experiences.

In the aspect of operations, just need one press on the mode switch button, the X25 Quadcopter transforms from a car to a plane. The normal functions we can see on other RC cars and aircraft are also equipped in this X25 Quadcopter, 360 degree 3D rolling and four direction control on the ground of course will add more fun to play. In addition, colorful flashing lights also makes this a beautiful flying car at night.

For its innovative design, X25 Quadcopter will definitely arouse many people’s buying desires. Whether it is a successful work, let’s keep eyes on it.