At the moment, the X8G drone is one of the most popular big sized multi-rotor on the market. It was the first model of the X8 series and the X8G is the 3rd one.

Powered with a high capacity 2000mAh battery, the Syma X8G has a continuous 7 minutes of flight time. I know, it seems a bit too short, but considering that it has to lift an action camera is not that bad.

Recently were announced many full sized drones for hobbyist by different brands with similar features. Adding a high quality 5MP GoPro style camera to the X8G was a smart choice that can make the winning difference. Hopefully the camera will work also in stand-alone mode and can be used as any other action cameras.

Syma X8G drone specs and features:

5MP high quality GoPro style action camera;
One key return to home;
Headless mode;
High capacity Li-Po battery;
Flight time: around 7 minutes;
Colorful LED lights for better orientation;
Syma X8G size: 50x50x19cm (with prop guards).
Syma X8G package includes:

The drone it self;
5MP Syma action camera with camera mount;
2.5GHz remote controller;
Power adapter;
Balanced Li-Po battery charger;
7.4V 2000mAh Li-Po battery;
1 set of spare propellers;
1 set of prop guards;
4pcs of landing lags;
X8G user manual.